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Strongly Exposed Points in Uniform Algebras

In this paper we show that the unit ball of an infinite dimensional function algebra has no s..

On the Finite Dimensional Unitary Representations of Kazhdan Groups

We use A. Weils criterion to prove that all finite dimensional unitary representations of a d..

On h-Cobordisms of Spherical Space Forms

Given a manifold M of dimension at least 4 whose universal covering is homeomorphic to a sphe..

Rules and Reals

A k-rule is a sequence $\vec{A}$ = ((Alt;LAT ((A $_{n}$ , B $_{n}$ ): n ${\Bbb N}$ )..

Hamiltonian Stationary Normal Bundles of Surfaces in R<LATEX><TEX>$..

A surface in ${\bf R}^{3}$ has Hamiltonian stationary normal bundle if and only if it is ei..

The Location of the Zeros of the Higher Order Derivatives of a Polynomial

Let p(z) be a complex polynomial of degree n having k zeros in a disk D. We deal with the pro..

Composition Operators on Hardy Spaces of a Half-Plane

We consider composition operators on Hardy spaces of a half-plane. We mainly study boundednes..

Completeness of Eigenvectors of Group Representations of Operators Whose Arveso..

We establish the following result. Theorem. Let $\alpha $ : G $\rightarrow {\cal L}$ (X) ..

Weighted Integrability of Double Trigonometric Series

We study the double trigonometric series whose coefficients c $_{jk}$ are such that $\sum_..

On the Structure of the Set of Bounded Solutions on a Periodic Lienard Equation

We describe the dynamics of a class of second order periodic differential equations whose mai..